iOS Developer

Conceive       Design       Program       Publish


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs


Engaged Q&A discussions that define specific audience goals for using your app through user experience focused ideation of key app features.


Express your product ideas by building realistic and tangible design comps and user flows. Apple's Human Interface Guidelines are my guidelines.


Lean Swift programming utilizing the latest iOS Frameworks and industry standard third party backend databases to bring your app to life with best user experiences and functionality that meets your app goals.


Beta Testing with TestFlight. Encompassing app management on the App Store including publishing, updates and app rejection solutions.

District 40

District 40 is a fun way to discover the original forty boundary stones that were placed by Major Andrew Ellicott and his surveying team under the commission of President George Washington. These markers formed the original borders of what became the District of Columbia and capital of the United States.

Interactive Map

A dynamic interactive map utilizing multible MapKit features and implements Geotracking for proximity notifications when activating Apple maps.

Private Group Texts

Public and private group messengers connected to Google's Firebase database platform for quick updates and secure persistent data flow.

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